Core Accounting Software Products

Government agencies rely on our software to power their complex operations. At the core of our product suite is a robust accounting platform that integrates with our loan servicing, property management, foreclosure tracking, and child care management modules.

Our software product set has evolved and expanded over time as we have helped our customers adapt to unique and changing needs. We can do the same for you, offering cost-effective, web-based solutions for government agencies with strict regulatory requirements, or businesses looking for a competitive edge.

[Dynaxys has] been extremely proactive and responsive to HUD’s needs; utilize the appropriate resources, technical expertise, and knowledge bases which aid in their ability to continuously provide quality service, professionalism and collaborative teamwork that excels beyond HUD’s expectations.
– Annual HUD Contractor Performance Assessment (CPARS)


Ideal for federal, state, and local programs that require a subledger to track detailed activities, our Accounting platform is the core of our software product suite.


  • AP, AR, billing, disbursements, and general ledger functionality
  • Federal funds control
  • FedGAAP accounting
  • Multiple charts of accounts, including USSGL
  • Obligation tracking (Anti-Deficiency Act)
  • Robust role-based security for transparent audit trails
  • Seamless integration with our other modules

Loan Servicing

Ideal for government insurers, our Loan Servicing module capabilities apply across mortgages, student loan servicing, and other types of loan programs.


  • Specialized servicing for defaulted portfolios, including acceptance of partial payments
  • Multiple payment application methodologies
  • Robust workout module with automated, complex business rules
  • Escrow account administration
  • Investment management
  • Non-standard amortization loan management

Delinquency Monitoring


  • Account servicing and reporting using a comprehensive information structure for treating debtors of multi-debtor debts as jointly and severally liable, assigning a collection status to debts and debtors, calculating the delinquency age of debts and debtors.
  • Account servicing and reporting using a comprehensive information structure for establishing attributes for each debt program, such as journal entry posting model and eligibility for Treasury collection programs, penalties and administrative costs, and credit reporting.
  • Update and add debt and debtor information, including the ability to capture narrative remarks entered by user.
  • Apply and record financial transactions allowing program stakeholders to manage account information; and record financial transactions achieving compliance with federal accounting and financial reporting standards, including those provided in the Treasury Financial Manual.
  • Process debt information, entered manually or by file, to create record of debt using an identifying account number. The intended outcome is a transaction that establishes a debt by capturing and processing the information required for reporting, collecting, and resolving the debt.
  • Create and send billing statements based on repayment terms and payment history.

Property Management

Ideal for government agencies and other organizations that manage properties with tenants, our Property Management module provides an all-in-one solution.


  • Property level budgeting and integrated accounting
  • Roll-up of property level accounts to consolidated accounting statements
  • Tenant management
  • Tenant and project-based subsidy tracking and collections
  • Rehabilitation and construction budgeting integrated with annual property budgeting
  • Security deposit tracking and reimbursement
  • Enhanced, property-based standardized reports for asset and program level monitoring

Foreclosure Tracking

Ideal for government agencies with oversight or direct management responsibility for property-backed loans, our Foreclosure Tracking module offers a combination of robust tracking and data capture features.


  • Customizable data entry screens to track unique aspects of your foreclosure process
  • Property tracking through sale and disposition
  • Judicial and non-judicial foreclosure handling
  • Foreclosure attorney oversight
  • Appraisal tracking
  • Bid package and earnest money deposit tracking
  • Negotiated, housing authority, open/sealed bid, and courthouse sale type management

Child Care Management

Ideal for government agencies or large commercial companies, our Child Care Management module is flexible enough for operations that offer session registration, support multiple fee schedules, and require complex accounting adjustments.


  • Enrollment, cancellation, and waitlist management
  • Fee management, including sliding-scale and subsidy calculations
  • Automated accounting adjustments for registration, income and subsidy changes
  • Billing and e-billing processing
  • Collections processing
  • Attendance tracking
  • Flexible program and session specification
  • USDA reporting

Workflow, Reports, Interfaces, Document Management

Our software products include robust interfaces, workflow, reporting, and document management capabilities, including:

  • Government, credit bureau, and third party interfaces
  • Treasury-required reports
  • Large library of standardized reports with drill-down capabilities and multiple output types
  • Exception-based report monitoring, powered by complex business rules
  • Repeatable, circular workflow capability (such as payoff management)
  • Electronic document imaging and management integrated into our workflow