Consulting Services

We leverage our expertise in government accounting, loan servicing, and information security to provide specialized consulting services to government, non-profit, and commercial customers.

“We engaged Dynaxys to assist us in the development of a hardened commercial software appliance, and they were instrumental in helping us bring our solution to market. The Dynaxys professionals brought both depth and breadth of knowledge in multiple topics, from Unix operating systems security to storage optimization. The quality of the work exceeded our expectations and I would strongly recommend them for similar projects in the future.”

Director, Product Management, leading malware protection company

compliance review

Compliance Review

    Using our background and expertise in government accounting and loan servicing, we provide compliance review services around:

  • Seller/servicer compliance
  • Loan origination and servicing process compliance
  • Loan documentation accuracy and completeness

information security consulting

Information Security Consulting

    Whether you are developing a new application or reviewing existing systems, we offer:

  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Security design and architecture consulting
  • Security policy and process consulting
  • Security compliance consulting
  • Application security consulting

training and documentation

Training and Documentation

    We provide customized business process-based or system-based training and documentation for our software products, including:

  • Training curriculum development
  • Training delivery, in-person or virtual
  • Job aids and desk guides

business process reengineering

Business Process Reengineering

    Whether you are an existing user of our software products, or we are building or enhancing your system, we provide business process reengineering services around:

  • Loan servicing
  • Government accounting
  • Simplifying complex system workflows