Software Development

Our custom software development services are backed by an experienced team that has built large enterprise systems, modernized legacy systems, and delivered unique mobile applications.

Unlike many software services companies, we use our own software so we have a keen focus on the user’s needs and perspectives. We manage every project with intense focus on quality and delivery, knowing that software is a long-term investment.

Dynaxys has “a clearly defined, tailorable life cycle model… A well-defined design & implementation process… [and a] CM (Configuration Management) process [that] is defined and executed in a very thorough and consistent manner…”

2017 CMMI Level 3 Appraisal

Our Software Development Services


Legacy System Modernization

We have helped large organizations modernize their software systems as a cost-effective solution over replacing legacy applications. Whether you need to replace outdated, unsupported platforms, add new features, or improve performance, you can rely on our experienced development team to get it right.

Enterprise Software Development

We design custom solutions for organizations that need complex software systems to run their operations. Take advantage of our expertise in accounting, loan servicing, foreclosure tracking, property accounting, and child care management to build an enterprise system that meets your unique needs.

Mobile App Development

With millions of mobile apps available, you need a partner that can help you develop an app that gets noticed. We help our customers by creating interactive mobile apps with eye-catching graphics and intuitive designs to help you connect with your target audience.

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Our Iterative Development Methodology



We work closely with you to understand the application concept, audience, goals, stakeholders, and risks. Then we develop the project scope and schedule based on your timeframe, resource availability, and level of commitment. We create an iterative development plan and release schedule that fits your needs.


Our collaborative effort with you extends to defining the high-level requirements, features and constraints. We continue to refine and adapt requirements as changing needs occur throughout the development cycle.


Based on your requirements, we model and design the application using tools appropriate to our methodology. We seek and incorporate iterative feedback from customers as we demonstrate product prototypes.


We develop and implement your software with tools and languages most suited to the application. Our focus is on delivery of working software early in the process, yet we also keep enhancement and maintenance in mind, knowing that the software is a long-term investment.

Quality Assurance

We create and execute manual and automated testing to validate software functionality as it is created. We demonstrate working product features as soon as they are ready, and facilitate user interaction and testing.

Launch & Maintenance

Whether you are using the cloud, your own servers, or our hosting environment, we work with you to deliver a successful product launch and maintain the product for maximum security and performance. We enhance the software for the long term, keeping it up to date with the latest releases, security updates, and functionality.