The Department of Housing and Urban Development Gives Dynaxys LLC Exceptional Contract Ratings

Silver Spring, Maryland, September, 24 2014

Dynaxys, an accounting and solutions firm, has received exceptional contract ratings for its Department of Housing and Urban Development Multifamily Mortgage Loan Servicing and Accounting, Property Management Servicing and Accounting, & 202/811 Direct Loan UCC Set up and Maintenance Contract.

The Contractor Performance Assessment Report (CPAR) provided Dynaxys with Exceptional ratings for in four out of five areas: Quality of Product or Service, Schedule, Business Relations, and Management of Key Personnel. In the fifth area, Cost Control Dynaxys received a rating of Very Good.

One unidentified HUD personnel stated, “Dynaxys has provided exemplary service to HUD over the years. Their overall support demonstrates … diligence, collaborative work relations, timely rendered services, excellent customer service and outstanding deliverables. “

Dynaxys provides accounting and reporting, default servicing, cash management, financial and asset management to service the HUD portfolio.   The company customizes accounting and business software to support for FHA’s complex portfolio and multi-faceted operations.

About Dynaxys

Dynaxys is a woman-owned small business that delivers software, hosting and accounting solutions to government, commercial and non-profit customers. The company uses its expertise in outsourced accounting, business services and application development to invest in innovative solutions for its clients. From Dynaxys you can always “Expect Above and Beyond.” More information can be found at