CSMS Portal

Dynaxys provides loan, property servicing, accounting and technology services to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

What is the CSMS Portal Website?

The CSMS Portal Website provides self-service access to accounting information on the HUD multifamily portfolio. This website provides up-to-date account information directly from the HUD database. Each authorized user can view information for each account in the user’s portfolio.

How is a New User Added to the System?

New users are added to the system by one of three methods. In the first method, the user fills out an online form which is submitted and approved by a member of the Dynaxys staff. In the second method, an employee of a Note Affiliate (Mortgagor/Owner or Billing/Managing Agent) adds the new user directly into the system. In the third method, a Dynaxys staff member adds the new user directly into the system.